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Moustache Mountain

Moustache Mountain

Izstrādātājs: Nauris Amatnieks

Lejupielādēt (Steam): šeit

It is said, that an ancient civilization once made a Moustache Gel so good, that noone could resist you after you had applied it. All was good for them, the girls loved them, the men admired, and they were on track to conquer the whole world, however a terrible sickness once struck them, and wiped out all, but one man.. With his last breath, the last living man of the ancient civilization, managed to climb the highest flying mountain and hide the last remaining Moustache Gel there..

Now many years later, You, a Young Moustache Enthusiast, have heard of this legend and want to go on an adventure, to climb this mountain and find the magical Moustache Gel! But it will not be as easy as it might sound..

Make your way through 15 increasingly difficult, randomized levels to the top of the mountain. Avoiding hazards and traps, that the last man had set for future invaders. No 2 playthroughs will be the same, so you will have to learn to notice the traps in the environment, and hone your jumping skills to the max to overcome this challenge!

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