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Ģirts Ķesteris, 16.03.2020
Gorytale is a fast-paced adrenaline-rushed FPS shooter set in candyland.
Player needs to survive the hordes of painfully sweet enemies and viciously ravage their lands with ridiculous arsena...
Laser Boogaloo
Elviss Strazdiņš, 22.08.2019
Laser Boogaloo is a game that focuses on fun and asymmetric first person objective based combat. At the beginning of the games, teams only fight with troops such as the Assault, but later in the ga...
The Heart of the Earth
The Gods destroyed almost all population of Earth by changing the world's terrain from plain to squared, and our Hero is on a journey to destroy the Earth's heart. The world doesn't bel...
Mags un Niks
Datorspēle "Mags un Niks" izstrādāta pēc VAS Latvenergo pasūtījuma 2002.gadā. Tā atbilst Quest (meklējumi laikā) tipa datorspēlēm, un paredzēta bērniem vecumā no 8 līdz 16 gadiem un to var spēlēt g...
The Moustache Rebellion
Prāta spēle, kas tapusi 48 stundu laikā Ludum Dare ietvaros. Šajā spēlē spēlētājam ir iespēja iejusties kāda Ukraiņu varoņa ādā un, bēgot no "zaļajiem" cilvēciņiem un izvairoties no dažādiem šķēršļ...
Steer the RoboBall through different environments. Battle the robots by disabling them with magnetic charging. Face many different tasks and obstacles in your way. Keep ball running by collecting b...
The most enjoyable portable device game ever made!
Simple as tap + gets more exciting by playing.
Jumping Microns
This game is similar like Crossy Road, but it is not Crossy Road.
Panda the Master - Pop the Rooms to Win
Collect the keys to get to the next level! Play free! Panda The Master - Pop the Rooms to Win is a FREE and super fun game! This game will take you to a journey of escaping numerous rooms! ...
GX Motors
GX Motors is a new and exciting racing game loved by hundreds of thousands of players around the world. It’s time for action! Unlock cutting edge cars and apply countless customization features! ...
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