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Silent Neighbours
Silent Neighbours, jeb Klusie Ciemiņi ir īsa spēle kur vecs vīrs sastopas ar mistiskām lietām, kas notiek viņa mājā. Spēle ir eksperimentāls žanru maisījums - point and click kopā ar walking - simu...
Hard Nuts
A fun and competitive game for the whole family. Exercise your brain cells as you crack these tough riddles.
Flappy Copter - Through danger
Elviss Strazdiņš, 14.06.2017
Guide your Helicopter to go through dangers. Classic game play in new style. In garage you can doo color switch for vehicle and view the changes to your Helicopter. Beautiful 2D graphic art style.
Rugged Run
Take the role of our intrepid hero! Overcome obstacles, go toe to toe with the ferocious forest dwellers and grab all the loot you can! Purchase exciting upgrades to reach ever higher scores and co...
Siege - the card game
Siege is a strategic single-player card game about sieging castles with armies and magic. How does this game differ from other card games? Siege is mainly a single player experience with crafted ...
Aircraft Race
In the near future an aircraft racing championship will taking place on a far planet. As a pilot you are going to participate in this futuristic helicopter race and prove everyone that you are the...
A one-button epic! Suspense-filled retelling of a classic Latvian folk tale "Bearslayer" as a platformer. Immerse yourself in a totally different mythology. Smash that button as if your life depend...
Daudzspēlētāju arkāde, kurā, spēlētāji mēģina pārspēt viens otru, vadot lidmašīnas un iznīcinot pretiniekus. Spēle tapa 2003. gadā.
Frequent Flyer
Frequent Flyer is a tribute to old-school shoot-em-up games with a modern twist. You control your plane and try to survive oncoming enemy waves for as long as possible. You collect health, ammo pi...
The Inner Darkness
The Inner Darkness: A lone man's journey through a strange world. Unique dimension switching mechanic - switch between the dimensions to traverse the world and solve puzzles. The game is a fairly...




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