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The Heritage

The Heritage

Konkursā Indago 2006 ieguva 4. vietu

Izstrādātājs: Anger,Gustavo,Bencik,Zmur,Kenny,Freelancer,Gatis,Deniss,Igors,Moris

Mājaslapa: http://www.theheritage.lv

Lejupielādēt: šeit

On your way to the city, where you need to deliver a letter of utmost importance, you get robbed while spending night in a small village. As a courier, your quest is to find the letter, which holds greater value than you can imagine. Talk to NPCs, and divulge the information you need to find it. Roleplay or go berserk – the choice is yours... Just remember – what you do today, may change your fate tomorrow...

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