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Izstrādātājs: bool games

Mājaslapa: http://www.runiongame.com/

Lejupielādēt (iOS, App Store): šeit

Smash your friends' fruits and vegetables in this local multiplayer game! Play locally with up to 8 friends on a single iPad.

Players can control their characters with controllers located on the iPad, bluetooth controllers or remote iPhone controllers and compete in 3 different game modes. In order to smash enemy veggies more gracefully, you can pick up different kinds of bonuses, like boxing gloves, speedup boots, bombs and freezers.

Runion is the first arcade on iPad that can be played by up to 8 players simultaneously and allows to control characters from the iPad or with remote iPhone or MFI controllers. It has nice hand-drawn graphics and music from award-winning composers. Gameplay is designed so that it is equally interesting for any amount of players (even one). The game is really addictive and is fun to be played in parties by friends or the whole family.

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