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Konkursā Indago 2006 ieguva 13. vietu

Izstrādātājs: Lone Wolf (Dāvis)

Lejupielādēt: šeit

It's 2008 year... Your sarge tells u: "Last night at the forest fell a small meteorite. All we know is that all electronic devices in 1 kilometer radius just "died". So we sent 2 squads to see whats happened, and if needed help some peoples. since they said that they see the metorite, we havent seen them. their transmitters arent answering too. So you and all your team have to go rescue them, and see whats happened... So thats a peace of cake." but when sarge said that he didnt know that that mission will not end like that..... So go and rescue your team!!! :)

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