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The Heart of the Earth

The Heart of the Earth

Izstrādātājs: DeadBrainGaming

Lejupielādēt (Steam): šeit

Lejupielādēt (Steam Greenlight): šeit

The Gods destroyed almost all population of Earth by changing the world's terrain from plain to squared, and our Hero is on a journey to destroy the Earth's heart. The world doesn't belong to humans anymore and Hero will make sure that Earth doesn't belong to the Gods either.

Encounter mind-bending puzzle-platforming where in order to get further you need to spin the world around you!

  • Easy to learn but hard to master game mechanics.
  • Bits and pieces of background story which remain for you to put together and figure out
  • Hardcore puzzles
  • Engage your quick-thinking as the game has quite a steep level of gameplay speed
  • Enjoy glorious retro "8-bit" visuals with moderate colors to reflect the severity of the plain world
  • Partial Controller support

(Use Arrows to move around, C to Jump, X to Spin the World around you, and Z to Zoom out the camera and see where you heading - while you playing the game! (similar controls are usable on game-pad))

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